Mission Statement

Our mission is to produce the highest quality products at the lowest possible cost, while being the best possible stewards of crop and pasture land. As we strive to become an optimum operation, we want to appear professional in our business practices and relationships, as well as our physical appearance. We want to become the farm of choice for landowners.

Vision Statement

The Came Farms’ vision is to be a large, profitable grain and cow-calf operation. With the use of technology, extensive record keeping, good business and management structure, and specialized/expert employees, we plan to gain efficiency, attain our vision, and become a successful operation.


We want Came Farms to be economically sound. We must be able to produce the highest quality crops and calves at the lowest possible cost, regardless of market conditions. To achieve this goal, we will strive to attract and retain honest, skilled, and dedicated employees and not settle for second best.

We work hard at Came Farms. Anything less is not acceptable. Hard work and dedication are what this operation was built on. We take pride in courtesy, timeliness, and excellent animal welfare. We promote the ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ philosophy. The continued prosperity of this operation will be determined by the efforts of our employees. If our employees are successful, then Came Farms will be successful.


In 1895, Augusta Muchow inherited land from her father. On March 11, 1903, Augusta married George Waycott Came and they homesteaded her inherited land, which is today our ‘Homeplace’. After several generations, William G. and wife Joyce, built their farming operation on these same acres and incorporated Came Farms in 1994. With their 3 children, Bill, Chad, and Darcy, they looked to the future generations to come.

After the passing of William G. in 2009, Joyce welcomed the passing of the family farm to the next generation. Bill, Chad, and Darcy work hard to fulfill the desire of William G. that Came Farms be a lasting legacy to the 10 grand-children he left behind.