We are a family owned and operated farming business in North Central Kansas.

The Came Family has been farming in this area since 1895. Over the many years, Came Farms has come to specialize in grain production through no-till practices, while maintaining a high quality cow-calf operation.

Came Farms employs the highest standards in land stewardship and animal welfare. We pride ourselves on trust, family values, hard work, and relationships. With the help of our dedicated and highly talented workforce, we believe we can promote our passion for agriculture and preserve the unique heritage of the traditional ‘family farm’.

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Bill.Came@camefarmsinc.com – President/Operations
Darcy.Came.Bradley@camefarmsinc.com – Vice President/Office
Kyle.Came@camefarmsinc.com – Ranch, Harvest, Seed
Steven.Groot@camefarmsinc.com – Operations, Harvest, Business, Technology
Kody.Came@camefarmsinc.com – Agronomy, Business, Technology, Office
Spencer.Came@camefarmsinc.com – Spray, Agronomy, Ranch, Technology
Owen.Bradley@camefarmsinc.com – Shop, Ranch, Harvest, Seed
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